Word Play Ecxerpt 1 - Monica Musings Interview with The Persnickety Reader

Monica’s Musings
Blog post #314

Throughout the past few years, I’ve interviewed several different people within our industry. Bloggers, authors, editors, readers, and more. I’ve handpicked these gems to share with you. I hope you find them as amusing as I did.

Interview One: The Persnickety Reader
Interviewer: Monica Singer
Interviewee: Angelica P. from Atlanta, GA

To: Monica Singer
From: angelicap@gmail.com
Subject: RE: Interview

Q1: What are your favorite books to read?

Q2: Any particular books you won’t read?
I won’t read books that have:
Unprotected sex
Drug use
sex in public places
Characters that have allergies to medications
Books that are shorter than 325 pages
Books with anyone named Ryan, Max, or Charlie
Rough sex
Books about firemen
Books that give a thorough description of the scrotum sac
Books based on true stories
Books with too much lovey-dovey stuff in them
Books were someone dies
Books that have sports in them
Books written in third person
Books written more than three years ago
Books that talk about diseases
Penises described as velvety steel
Any books with old people
Books that talk about poop, pee, or describe any bodily fluid that expels.
Books that use excessive expletives (like, the F word)
No shy or socially awkward people
No redheads
No college students
Oh, and cheating. I won’t read about cheating.

Q3: Do you every find it difficult to find books you enjoy reading?
No. Not really.

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